Organic Hydroponic Gardening

Organic Hydroponics

One of the best ways to grow food and even container plants is organically.  However, if you live in a small apartment or home, and you do not want to deal with all of the soil that tends to come with plants, you can use the organic hydroponics method in order to have both organic vegetation and a home free of potting soil that seems to get everywhere.  But what is organic hydroponics, and what can you grow with this new and innovative method of gardening?

Organic hydroponics is actually a simple concept.  Hydroponics is the process of growing vegetation without using any type of soil.  Instead you use water, hence the hydro part of the name, to keep your plants alive.  Everyone knows that in order for a plant of any type to survive it must have certain nutrients derived from the soil.  In hydroponics, since you are not actually using soil, you must add things like nitrates, phosphorus, and sulfur to the water in order for the plant to survive.  However, organic gardening is more about doing things the natural way instead of using man made chemicals.  Therefore, in organic  Hydroponic Shop Near Me hydroponics one has to use natural nutrients to enrich the plant.

Let’s say for example that you wanted to grow hydroponic strawberries in your organic hydroponics garden.  How would you begin?  Considering that strawberries do not like to have wet feet, this may seem silly to accomplish.  But, it can be done if you do your homework.  The first thing that you would need for your hydroponic strawberries is the right type of nutrients.  Since strawberries can prove to be a harder crop to grow in water, you should really research what needs to be done to make the hydroponic strawberries bear fruit.  After you put them in the water, you can add coconut fiber to provide the nutrients.  You can also check with your local organic gardening shop to find items that can be used to help keep your hydroponic strawberries at their best.  If you prefer online, though, you could always go to  in order to find organic nutrients for your hydroponic strawberries and their growing experience.

No matter what you decide to plant in an organic hydroponics garden, you can rest assured that you will be amazed at the process and how efficiently that organic hydroponics works.  Since you use organic material in the garden, even the nutrients that are added can be recycled saving not only on the expense of the organic hydroponics, but also on the effects that the waste of the organic hydroponics garden might have on the environment.  Going green has become an important part of our lives these days.  However, if you live in an area that is compact on space, it may be difficult to grow anything organically.  Thanks to organic hydroponics and all that it has to offer, anyone can have an organically grown garden with anything in it, including hydroponic strawberries, if they just take an interest and do a little research.


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