Dog is Eating Poop – Why? What to Do!

If your dog is eating poop, you’re most probably appalled by this behavior, if not embarrassed by this strange habit/trait also known as Coprophagia. Let’s just stick to dog poop eating. This dog behavior although, disgusting and generally unsafe is quite common in the world of dogs. You need to act on this behavior and try to discover the underlying reasons. To stop dog from eating poop is certainly a priority as this dog behavior has no upside for you or your dog. Reasons could be anything from stress, anxiety, living conditions or poor diet.

Dog is eating Poop – WHY?

There are a lot of reasons for your dogs poop eating habit. To start with, it could be as a result of not getting enough food. It could well be that your dog is just cleaning up his living space. Dogs, believe it or not, will make efforts to keep their dog pen clean.

When there are not enough nutrients in your dog’s food, they may resort to poop eating. If you see your dog is eating poop, it could be that there are worms or parasites in his system that are devouring all the nutrients from his food. Buying the best quality dog food that you can may also improve your dog’s daily nutrient intake.

Dogs are real copycats, they may just eat poop because they have seen you picking it up. This may also be the case if they’ve seen other dogs in the area doing it. Anxiety, stress or fear is another reason why dogs may be eating poop.

No need to worry though, this behavior is relatively easy to fix. Let’s discuss how to make your dog stop eating poop.

Dog is Eating Poop – How!

Poop eating usually has two root causes. donate your poop

Internal issue: Right, your dog has started eating poop all of a sudden, what now? Something has changed but you cannot see any physical changes to your dog. Your dog may have parasites or worms which are sucking his food dry of all its goodness and leaving him feeling starved for minerals and vitamins. If you want you can just go to the pet shop and try some de-worming tablets first. If things don’t improve pretty quickly, go see the Doggy Doctor. It will cost, but I’d rather have my best friend and ally running in peak condition, wouldn’t you. It’s always a good idea to buy your dog the best food possible and even boost his system with really good dog vitamins and minerals. There are loads of really good dog supplements out there, just shop around a bit. Great advice and products are available, just go check out the links on the right.

External issue: Now, I know it’s no fun picking up those dog landmines, especially if he is a huge hound, but you need to keep your dogs area free of dog poop. Isn’t that what you give your kids pocket money for anyway? Your dog will work actively to clean up excessive poop in his area. This could then indicate a behavioral issue, much like a bad habit. If the poop is gone, so is the bad habit, quite easily done, isn’t it. Obviously this is not the case when you’re out walking your dog. With a bit of training this behavior can soon be eliminated. Great advice and products are available, just go check out the links on the right.Great advice and products are available, just go check out the links on the right.

Dog is Eating Poop-Ideas and fixes

Dogs certainly have weird taste buds. Will you believe that your dog prefers dog poop to those lovely sour apples, pumpkin puree or cayenne pepper. So, add a little of these things to his food while his not looking and this will make the stuff that comes out the other end not so exciting for your dog.


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